“The Real America”

Every politician has one thing in common, not one of these politicians know what the American people really need or who really we are! This is “the Real America!” Living in an extended …

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“The Real America”

Every politician has one thing in common, not one of these politicians know what the American people really need or who really we are! “This is the real America!”
Living in an extended stay hotel was a learning experience. One, I never expected. People hooked on drugs, drug dealers and prostitutes are only make a small percentage of the people living in extended stay hotels. The vast majority of residents are families and all the residents have one thing in common, their circumstances. “Never judge someone till you have walked in their shoes.” Everyone has their own reason for their circumstances. Most of society condemn the people on drugs, but stop and think about it. The majority of society is addicted to something in one form or another. Some spiral into the abyss and have not found the way out and others will never find their way out. People are quick to condemn prostitutes, but they are just supporting a habit after falling into that abyss or even to support their families. When a person gets into a situation and has no way to turn, he or she do what they have to in order to survive. There are so many families living in extended stay hotels for one reason or another. But they all have one thing in common, they are stuck! And they do not know which way to turn. Some families lose homes either to eviction or foreclosure due to cut hours or the loss of their jobs. Others just do not pay their bills, most of the time it is because they do not know how to manage their money. It is so easy to fall into that abyss and not be able to find their way out before they lose everything. With no alternative they end up living in an extended stay hotel room with their families or the unthinkable the streets. Another reason is they do not make enough money to rent a home or apartment. Plus, once you have lost everything and end up in an extended stay hotel you cannot rent or buy a place. There are no landlords that will rent or loan companies that will loan money after a credit and background check is acquired. They do not look at the circumstances surrounding reason for the situation that these families are in. So they are trapped with no light at the end of their very long tunnel. The sad part is for most of these families, even to get into housing, there is a very long waiting list. For the most part, the majority of the families that have a home or apartment have to work two to three jobs just to pay the bills and buy food. The major diet in most homes in America consist of mac and cheese, hot dogs, white rice, potatoes, ramen noodles, peanut butter with white bread, Kool-Aid and lot of sugar and rarely milk. This is the normal American diet due to money for food is usually very limited. The really sad part is most employers only give their employees enough hours with very low wages so they do not have to supply insurance and if you work one minute over your hours you get written up or sent home early. Now we have our potential politicians that are running for government offices and preaching they know what the American people need, which is a real joke! The majority these potential politicians have no clue and have never experienced what it is like to have to survive from pay check to pay check and still lose everything because their hours were cut or even the loss of their jobs. So I believe all that every person that runs for any office in our government, before they can run for that office they should be required to live and work for at least three months or more to experience what the American people actually live with day in and day out. They must provide proof that they completed this task before they can run for any government office. That means they either live in an extended stay hotel room with their families or in the housing projects or a home or apartment in the poorest neighborhoods, because this is where three-forth of Americans live now due to the fact that they cannot make enough money to live on. These potential politicians must be required while living in their new housing to work jobs that majority of Americans work: two to three jobs at a time with, limited hours and limited pay! They must drive a cheap car that you pray will get you back and forth to work if you are lucky enough to afford one, or walk to and from work. There is always the transit system, but you have to time everything or you still end up walking anyways! Welcome to the real America! Now the potential politician must be required to start their real American experience without any of their own credits cards, money or their own cars. The potential politicians and their families: do not forget the pets! Must be require to live, shop, work and attend the public schools. They will pay the bills from their new payroll checks that they earned from their new low paying jobs including housing, utilities, insurance (health and auto), gas, cell phones and if there is any money left over, there is food, clothes and school supplies to  be bought. They must be required to live how the real hard working Americans live and they must experience it completely before they are able to say they know what the American people need. The real American dream went out the window years ago when the top 1% decided they wanted to be more wealthy, so they started taking everything from their employees even their dignity to add to their deep pockets. The really sad part is, the employees are the people that make the profits and keep the companies running for the wealthy 1%. Most employees are never rewarded or even appreciated for all their hard work. This is “The Real America!” By Cynthia Heppe 04/24/2016

Photography, Art and Writing

I am a artist. Drawing, painting and creating has been a part of me my whole life. I started becoming a photographer because subjects do not stay in one spot for long. So my solution was to take a picture of the perfect scene, landscape, ocean or animal, then create. I am also environmentalist and writer. I have learned that photography, art and writing are creative arts intertwine with each other.

Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont Florida  

1458497590157 (2) - Copy                                         Pictures were taken with my LG G Stylo smartphone                                                                                         lk lousa